Third-party applications

The applications process notes that applications for new AC.ZA domains must be made by the Registrant directly, and applications that are made by faculties, departments or other units that are not juristic persons in their own right, or that are made by Internet Service Providers or other agents on behalf of the Institution will not be considered.

The reason for this requirement has to do with the fact that AC.ZA is a moderated domain. As part of the application process, we’re required to evaluate eligibility in terms of the domain’s Charter. Except in the case of public universities, that can sometimes be a fairly complicated process. The applicant must be in a position to answer questions relating to the Registrant’s eligibility, including providing information about the status of their registration with e.g. the Department of Higher Education & Training, the relationship between the domain being applied for and the Registrant, etc. That it typically requires an executive officer of the Registrant, which also matches our requirements for the Administrative Contact.

Experience shows that if we accept applications from third parties, we waste time and play broken telephone. For that reason, we routinely refuse such requests at the outset.