Testing your DNS

There are a number of online tools available that can help you check your DNS and pinpoint problems that might exist. Some examples you may find useful are:

  • MX Toolbox’s DNS Check — a simple tool for checking your DNS is set up correctly.
  • Zonemaster zone check — more comprehensive test
  • DNS Checker — a tool to see whether all parts of the Internet have the same DNS for you (checking whether changes have propagated).
  • DNSviz — a tool for visualising the status of a DNS zone (especially DNSSEC)
  • DNS Bajaj — another visualisation tool.

And not directly related to DNS, but helpful nonetheless:

  • SSLLabs — test your webserver is set up correctly (checks some DNS things too)
  • Internet.NL — test your Internet connection, including your DNS resolver (the other side of your DNS)