DNSSEC Information

Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) for AC.ZA

AC.ZA DNSSEC Policy & Practice Statement Framework

The AC.ZA DNSSEC Policy & Practice Statement Framework (DPS), provides the parties involved with a statement of security practices and provisions that are applied with respect to DNSSEC in the AC.ZA zone.

The current version of the DPS is 20190903.


Trust Anchors (KSK)

As at 2019/09/03, the following key signing key(s) are used to sign the AC.ZA zone:

Key Tag 11186
Key Length 2048 bit
Algorithm 8 (RSA/SHA-256)
Digest Type 2 (SHA-256)
Digest 5DA417C8E14351274ED55902268E4B288B22966EC4DDC14A27C7A043CEE90F7A


Where the information on this page contradicts the DS records published in the parent (ZA) zone by ZADNA, the DS records should always prevail.